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The best Cloudminer online

2 weeks ago bought our first XLpackages and we love the weekly payments on friday! I recommend Bluemining to everybody :)

TOP service

Eerlijke prijzen en snelle levering! Dit wordt de 2e keer dat wij een bestelling gaan plaatsen. Iedere week netjes een uitbetaling. Wij kijken alweer uit naar de volgende betaling :)

First best Cloudmining

This is in my opinion the best CLoudMining company! I have tried several cloudservices, but Bluemining is major :))) today i will start my 3rd package, thanks!


Bluemining is one of trusted cloud mining i'v been ever known... there are millions of cloud mining all over the world that offers dream to be true.. but i choose Bluemining as my cloud mining. gre

Onder de indruk

Ik ben nu 2 weken bezig met het minen bij Bluemining en moet zeggen dat het mij zeer goed bevalt. Alles kan ik nauwlettend in de gaten houden in mijn account. Het aantal ETH wat ik wekelijks ontvang m

Zeer tevreden

Dit is de eerste keer voor mij dat ik in aanraking kom met mining. Het bevalt mij tot nu toe erg goed. Wekelijks zie ik mijn uitbetaling binnenkomen. Ik ga dit zeker aanraden bij mijn kennissen en vri

Highly recommend

As a big miner, Bluemining has certainly given me great confidence is crypto. Highly recommend their services to anyone.

very nice

A safe way for making money.

Great Ethereum mining contract

A substainable and reliable mining contract for lifetime Ethereum investment.

What is Bluemining?

Bluemining is a company involved in Ethereum mining.

Can Bluemining hold my Ethereums for me?

No, Bluemining does not hold your Ethers for you. You save your Ethers in your Ethereum wallet. When you purchase Ethers, we will need your Ethereum address so we can send the Ethers to your wallet.

From which countries can I use Bluemining services?

It is possible to use our services from all around the globe. You do not necessarily have to pay in Euros.

When can I reach Bluemining?

We are available from 09:00 to 17:00. You can reach us via email. You can email us 24 hours a day.

Which payment methods does Bluemining accept?

We currently accept the following payment options: Btransfer and Bitcoin.

How long does it takes when i can start mining?

After payment, it will takes 48 hours.

On which day i can recieve my payment?

Once in the week at fridays.

Which Ethereum wallet should I use?

We recommend that you create a wallet through Blockchain or Coinbase. This can be done on your mobile, computer or tablet.

The Ethereum address I have entered is incorrect, can I change this?

Once you have completed your payment, we will ask you to check the ethereum address specified by yourself once again. If this is correct, you can authorise the order. If you find that the address is incorrect, do not authorise your order. Contact us so we can edit the address.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to customise the Ethereum address when Ethers have already been sent during a Ethereum transaction.

Do I have to pay tax on my Ethers?

Ethereum is not a legal means of payment. In fact, digital currency does not even fall under the Dutch Financial Supervision Act (Wft). We do however need to report income or capital to the tax office. The following explains how and where to declare it.
Income tax on Ether payments (Box 1): If you live in the Netherlands, you must report all earnings which make up your income. Even when you live abroad but still receive an income from the Netherlands, you may have to report these earnings. This also applies when income is obtained in forms other than legal tender. This includes Ether. When you are paid in Ether, the revenue department sees this as a payment in kind. In order to correctly indicate these earnings with inland revenue, you should convert all Ethers received into euro at the rate listed at the time of receipt.
Trading in Ether or mines? What about VAT? (Box 1, 2 and VAT) When you mine or trade Ethers with the aim of making a profit, this will be considered to be a business. In this case, you must also register with the Chamber of Commerce as an business owner. Not a business owner but have, for example, recently acquired Ethers through mining? You should indicate these as an asset. After all, it is adding to your income. When you are logged in as a business owner, you will be liable for value added tax (VAT). However, Ether is exempt from VAT by decree of the European Court of Justice. In practice, this means that you are not entitled to a VAT refund on incurred costs. However, there is an exception. When Ether is being sold outside of the EC (European Community), the tax authorities distinguish between inside and outside the EC. You can get tax back up to the turnover percentage for transactions outside the EC. For example, miners can deduct 100% of all VAT paid for the purchase of equipment and electricity with their VAT return if they, for example, sell all their Ethers to an American party.
Investment / Savings and ROC Tax (Box 3) If you own Ethers as savings or, for example, place your earnings in trust, you must indicate this in your tax return. When you sell your Ethers, tax administration sees this as a simple currency-to-currency exchange. You are actually only changing the method of carrying these assets, and your tax value remains the same. You own Ethers and have simply converted them into euros. You do not therefore have to pay additional income tax. After all, this is not about making a profit! You pay ROC tax on your assetts, but only on total assets exceeding €25,000. Tax administration assumes a 4% return on your assets and will charge tax at a rate of 30% tax. This can be calculated to 1.2%. For example: On January 1 you own € 50,000 in Ethers: the first € 25,000 is tax exempt, and you pay 1.2% for the remaining € 25,000, which amounts to € 300 ROC tax. As of January 1, 2017, these rules will change making them more beneficial for anyone with less than €500,000 in assets.

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